Barrels & Drams | B&D Bylaws
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B&D Bylaws

Membership Process

  • A full-member must invite prospect and inform prospect of by-laws
  • There is a cap at 2 prospects per meeting
  • Prospect status remains until voted on for membership
  • Prospect considered for membership after 3 consecutive meetings
  • All prospects must attend Vom Fass History of Scotch Class to be considered for membership
  • If they miss a consecutive meeting then it’s to the back of the guest line
  • Member vote on new member after 3rd meeting – Majority rules
  • Prospect pricing is as follows
    • Prospect price $40 per meeting
    • Includes food and minimum of 3 tastings
  • After approved membership, new member will donate a $100 minimum bottle to be included in B&D Reserve Collection

Member Rules

  • Full members must pay dues whether in attendance or not
  • Member dues are paid before the meeting
  • 1 month of missed dues is cause for dismissal
  • Show case and co-host bottle rules
    • Dram pour two fingers
    • 1 pour of showcase bottle
    • 1 pour of each co-host bottle
    • 1 pour of reserve whiskies

Club Rules

  • 12 B&D Members max at any one time
  • If full member is absent there is an open guest spot
  • Guests spots open until full membership
  • Only 2 prospects at a time

Barrels & Drams is an exclusive Whisk(e)y Society dedicated to fellowship and appreciation of fine whisk(e)y.