Barrels & Drams | About
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About Barrels & Drams

Barrels & Drams is an inland empire private whisk(e)y society founded on the ideals of fellowship and appreciating good whisk(e)y.

Mission Statement

To share “The Aqua Vitae” with those who appreciate it’s redeeming qualities.


Our History

Like all good things, the conception of Barrels & Drams was founded over Whisk(e)y. It all started with a scotch tasting class at Vom Fass Claremont, or actually, lack thereof. Having been invited to attend by a friend, Joe and Robert sought out to enjoy the class while learning the ¬†history and most importantly, taste of their favorite ¬†consumption. Upon arrival, they realized the doors were locked, seats were full, and they were not in attendance to share the laughter and happiness that they witnessed as their noses were pressed up against the glass. Feeling deflated, but not defeated, they decided to grab a “drink” (or two,or three, or four, five, six etc…). As they knocked back the “good stuff” they came to a conclusion; “If we love Whisk(e)y so much, why don’t we start our own club?” Later meeting with another friend Matt, who shared their same passion for all things Whisk(e)y, Barrels & Drams was born.